LOTD #429 - Together...


Hair: ADE - Dangerous - @Salon52
Outfit: OSMIA - Tracey - @Kustom9
Shoes: NX NARDCOTIX - Thelma - @Unik


Kitchen: HIVE - Practical
Pans: YOUR DREAMS - Cookware Set
Flower: DUST BUNNY - Camellia Potted
Strawberry Pot: MADRAS - Gacha
Bananas: DUST BUNNY - Kitchen Clutter
Seasoning Pots: DUST BUNNY - Kitchen Clutter
Dish Drying: DUST BUNNY - Kitchen Clutter
Plant in the right side: HIVE - Hanging Devil's Ivy Plant
Table and Chairs: MOSS&MINK - French Dining Set
Strawberry Cake: CHEZ MOI
Pancakes: BLACK BANTAM - Joli Pancake
Dog inside the table: REZZ ROOM - American Bully Puppy
Dogs on the floor: REZZ ROOM - American Bully Puppy
Pose: K&S - Our World

Thank you, Matheus, for your lovely help!! ♥