YES!! I do accept blogger packages and review copies!!

Thing you should know:

  1. I don't contact designers and request review copies - unless they express their will to be contacted by bloggers;
  2. I'm not a critic fashion!! I don't write about the items, what I like or dislike in them... because I only blog what I do like!! My blog is about items I like, styles I create, mix and matching items, and presenting you all of this through the best quality photos I can do;
  3. All credits and slurls of the stores/events will be listed;
  4. If you like my work and would like me to blog your creations, feel free to contact me in-world;
  5. When sending me an item, please remeber to include the LM of the store/event and any other information you consider important;
  6. Please remember: I will ONLY blog what fits my personal taste and style and when I'm available.

Thank you!!

Lannah Dollinger